Romance and Stunning Views at Pan Yaah

Pan Yaah Restaurant has some of the most stunning panoramic views of Patong Bay.

Pan Yaah Restaurant is a casual romantic restaurant located on the hill between Patong and Kalim beaches; near the quiet end of Patong Beach, close to the base of the hill, just on the left side of the road. Pan Yaah Restaurant has some of the most stunning panoramic views of Patong Bay.

Guests will be able to delight in perfect views from all parts of the restaurant throughout the day – but the panoramas are especially breath-taking when the sun sets. The restaurant allows guests to indulge in sweeping views of Patong Bay and take in the surrounding ocean breeze. It creates a warm ambience that makes your dining experience special.

Pan Yaah Restaurant has been providing excellent food and service for more than a decade. The beautiful wooden interior is built in the distinct Thai style of architecture called “Pan Yaah”, from which the restaurant takes its name. The building itself has a unique allure and charm.

The restaurant’s extensive menu includes both Thai and Western cuisine, which is expertly prepared by experienced chefs. Those who love authentic Thai food will especially enjoy that each dish is created in a unique style with beautiful presentation; for example, Sea Mussels Cooked in Butter and Garlic Sauce, or Hor Mok Seafood (Crab, Squid and Sea Mussels Steamed with Chilli Paste) that is served in a special pan and perfectly prepared so that every bite is exquisite.

It’s no wonder why Hor Mok Seafood is one of their signature dishes: its delicate texture paired with intense flavours is a delight for the taste buds.
Another dish that is a must-try is Tiger Prawn with Tamarind Sauce; the plump prawns are cooked just right with their own homemade sauce. Pan Yaah Restaurant not only provides delicious meals made from fresh ingredients, but also gives guests the best dining experience. Your perfect meal starts once you step in – from the warm welcome by the hostesses, to the friendly and professional service you’re given while you enjoy a fabulous meal accompanied by an astonishing view.

This is the ideal restaurant for couples, families, private parties and special events. Pan Yaah Restaurant can accommodate up to 120 guests and has plenty of parking. Due to its incredible popularity among both local residents and tourists, it is highly recommended guests make reservations in advance.

One should not pass up the chance to enjoy an excellent meal, accentuated by the natural beauty that surrounds Pan Yaah Restaurant.
Open daily 11am to 11:30pm.

Pan Yaah Restaurant | Patong Beach | Tel. 076 290 450-1