Chino-Portugal Architecture Building

Phuket is one of the oldestcities with a long history in Thailand. This old town used to be the important port of the west of Malay Peninsula where Chinese people from oversea came for settling business and where cassiterite can be found. Phuket used to be ruled by the western both Portugal and Holland. This is why Phuket becomes major growing community and becomes the meeting location for those two major cultures from two different countries.

The old buildings situated in Phuket town certainly represent the prosperity of the culture. These old buildings have been constructed more than hundred years since the mining business was popular. The architectural style is European mixed with Chinese modern called “Sino-Portuguese” style; it is often a medium single or two-storied building with more area inside than the wideness. From the tiles, doors, perforated windows to other details, they are all influenced by Chinese and European style mixed together. You can visit these buildings at Thalang road, Deebook road, PhangNga road, Yaowarat road and Krabi road.

These buildings are not only the symbol of Phuket town, but are also part of local people’s daily lives until the present. They function as a city hall, provincial court, Siam City Bank, office places and other residences; they are well taken care of by the new generation. Also, nowadays Phuket city municipal has provided old part of city’s walking route for tourists in order to appreciate these buildings and the daily life of people in Phuket. The distance for sightseeing the old part of Phuket is approximately 4.6 kilometers with short 6 routes. For those who are interested in experiencing Phuket’s old atmosphere, these routes are certainly perfect for the visit.