Jui Tui Shrine

JuiTui Shrine or JuiTui Tao Bo Geng is a Chinese shrine located in Koh Phuket. Originally, “Jui” in Chinese means water. For “Tui,” it means a white mortar. In the past, a wide canal that can contain a great quantity of water was situated in front of the shrine. Villagers agreed to build turbines in order to use the water power to pound rice after having harvested. This is the origin of the name of the shrine. This shrine usually holds a vegetarian festival in which Phuket people, Chinese, Thai people participate together with the Chinese Opera Troupe. Several Phuket people have studied and attended many ceremonies since the first day until the last day of the festival. In this festival, Go Teng Pillar is annually inaugurated. In addition, 9 Chinese lanterns will be lit, which symbolically means that the vegetarian festival has commenced. Several religion-related performances to show the divine power such as the spiritual mediation, walking on fire, expelling bad things by bathing in boiling oil, a ceremony to pay respect to gods as well as a procession along roads are held. The festival lasts for 9 days. If you pay a visit in the shrine, you will sense a great atmosphere possessing the magnificent national work of art and culture. The red and golden color is highlighted so as to give a sense of luxury and to bring good luck, according to the Chinese. Moreover, statues of Chinese gods are there for the public to pay a respect to. This shrine is located in SoiPuthorn next to Pudjo Shrine. According to the history of this shrine, it is related to Bang Niew Shrine; that is to say, after the fire had broken out at the shrine in SoiRommanee, some leaders decided to separate and established a shrine in the area of Ban Bang Niew which is nowadays Bang Niew Shrine.