Wat Phra Thong

Wat Phra Thong is not a very big temple, but with its several buildings and colourful features, it’s a pleasant place to visit. The main attraction is the half-buried golden Buddha image which is said to be 'untouchable' in that every person who has tried to dig it out is reported to have been cursed. Legend has it that a farmer boy who tied his buffalo to an object that looked like a post in an open field fell very ill and died not long afterwards along with his buffalo. The poor father dreamed about this incident and went to check the post – it turned out to be the top part of a big buried Buddha image.

Many villagers came to help with digging it up but only managed to expose half of the statue; they simply couldn’t dig it up no matter how many times they tried. The idea to build a temple around this half-buried Buddha came when a monk on a pilgrimage spotted the holy image. Wat Phra Thong has become the spiritual centre of local communities ever since.