Green Season activities

Rains come in short bursts usually around the same time every day, so you can still visit the beach and do much of the same activities you would during the high season.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Phuket during the green season, then you probably already know that the word ‘monsoon’ is far from appropriate! Kudos to you for not waiting to come during the ‘high’ season, as this time of year has its definite bonuses. Not only is it cool and refreshing, but you’ll find beaches, bars and restaurants a lot less crowded. Rains come in short bursts usually around the same time every day, so you can still visit the beach and do much of the same activities you would during the high season. If you do catch a rainy day, consider it a great opportunity to delve into one of these activities:

Learn something new
A course in Thai cooking will go a long way towards making your holiday memorable as you prepare a tasty meal for those who could not come with you. Or maybe you’d like to try a new sport like Muay Thai? Training at an indoor gym is a great way stay fit while you wait for a gray day to pass.

With so many amazing spas to choose from, you should jump at the chance to lounge in the sauna and pamper yourself with massages and facials. Spa packages are of great value and can last up to all day depending on which treatments you want to sample.

Visit a temple. While you might have to dodge the rains in between buildings, you can spend as long as you like looking at the beautiful interiors or meditating.

Spend money
Phuket’s got plenty of places to shop, and the big malls like Jungceylon and Central Festival have everything you need to keep busy for hours from browsing bookshops and sipping coffee, to having a massage or watching a movie. You could spend all day window shopping or go home with a great assortment of souvenirs.

Hit a flick
You might be surprised to find out that you can watch movies shown in English and they are all the newest ones! Add to that the fact that you can grab a comfy pair of VIP seats for a movie, complete with snacks, drinks and blankets – and you have yourself ready for a cosy afternoon.

Knock over some pins
There’s nothing like grabbing a few friends for a game of bowling. You can find a bowling alley in the top of Big C or at Pearl in Phuket City.

Pop off a few rounds
There are two shooting ranges on the island offering lessons and all you need for some target practice. Try Kathu Shooting Range or Phuket Shooting Range.

Visit a museum
Learn more about the history of Phuket in the Thalang Museum, where exhibits are in Thai and English. Meanwhile the Phuket Seashell Museum is home to more than 2,000 kinds of shells from around the world!

Take in a show
If it’s evening and you’re wanting to stay indoors, take in a show at Phuket FantaSea or a cabaret show at Sphinx Theatre. Both shows promise to have you riveted to your seat and provide memorable nights out.

Seek your fortune
Find out what happens next! You can have your fortune told by one of the many tellers along Patong’s beach road or in Phuket City. Having your fortune told is so popular that sometimes there are fortune tellers at Tesco Lotus! Just ask around and someone will be able to tell you where to go.

Visit the Phuket Aquarium
Only the marine life is getting wet at the aquarium, and you’ll have a great time checking out the beautiful creatures of the Andaman Sea.

Go rafting You can just give into getting a bit wet and book yourself for a rafting trip in Phang Nga. It’s warm enough that a little moisture is not going to hurt, but actually make for a really fun adventure.

Get a tattoo
Okay, it’s crazy and impulsive but you’re on vacation right? If you’ve had a design in mind for years but just not gotten around to it yet, this is a great time as one of Thailand’s best tattoo artists lives in Phuket!

Visit the dentist
Okay, it doesn’t sound like very much fun, but with all the excellent and very affordable medical care in Phuket, it makes sense to have a bit of a tweak while you’re here. Try a teeth cleaning or have a physical – all those things you might have put off doing at home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the gentle service and optimal surrounds at Bangkok-Phuket Hospital. The aesthetics centre can do everything from chemical peels and weight loss therapies to removing old tattoos.